Positive sustainability performance

The sustainability rating agencies imug and ISS ESG continuously assess DKB for compliance with sustainability standards, the existence of and adherence to self-imposed guidelines as well as specific measures appropriate to the company’s business activities.

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Our sustainability rating

ISS ESG and imug are among the most renowned sustainability rating agencies both in the German market and worldwide, awarding ratings of considerable informational value. ISS ESG rates several hundred financial institutions across the globe. DKB was awarded a rating of B- in the “Financials/Public & Regional Banks” segment by ISS ESG. This corresponds to a decile ranking of 1 and an “Industry Leaders” classification.

We are rated BB (positive) with special distinction by the sustainability rating agency imug. According to imug, DKB’s strengths can be found, among other things, in its corporate governance , in the area of employees and diversity (social) and in the company’s socially responsible products.

For example, the bank has been financing wind farms and solar plants since 1996 and has one of the largest loan portfolios (around EUR 13 billion) for renewable energies in Germany.

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